Matthew Hill

Voluntary Singularity

The Project Brief

The brief was to create an artifact of any kind fusing the work of two given artists. My artists were Banksy and Hieronymus Bosch. The work uses Banksy’s signature stenciled style using block colours and overlays of detail and Bosch’s teeming crowds of details and visual metaphors.

The Process

The first step was researching Bosch and Banksy, reading several books and viewing online exhibitions of their work. I then sketched my ideas and gradually refined them in Illustrator, using version control software to quickly experiment with the layout and typography with several backups. I then photographed friends acting out the scene and used Photoshop to generate a stamp of them and Illustrator to trace these images and manually draw on colour blocks to create imperfections. I placed in characters in a zig-zag pattern to create breaks in the crowd to make it more balanced and less of a sensory overload. I then cut stencils of the background and red, yellow and blue colour blocks out of cardboard so I could spray a physical graffiti of the blocks and add detail in Sharpie. This process worked great to produce a physical art canvas.

The End Result

The final result is a very detailed canvas and although I made some mistakes in spraying losing some of the clarity of the digital version I am very happy overall with the result and, being in possession of the stencils, I can make as many canvases as I like now!

Project Author

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