Why choose us?

Tern Heads is a membership platform delivering employability advice
directly from those working in the creative industries.

We demystify what it’s really like to work in creative sectors while
making it easier for employers to access & support emerging talent.

We aim to remove barriers such as:


by providing a platform dedicated to entry level portfolios and recruitment opportunities.

Network reach

by hosting forums, events & profiles, enabling members to interact & connect with each other.

Appropriate skills

by collaborating with employers in a range of sectors, to understand what skills are required.


by keeping prices & time investment down, but accessibility & interactivity high for all our members.


by banning the advertisement of any unpaid work on our site. (NMW minimum required)


by hosting most of our content online to ensure members can access help & advice wherever they are.
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What makes us unique?

Tern Heads was launched by working,
creative people who have been in your shoes.

We have all been students, graduates,
interns, & junior creatives.

Now we are interviewers, mentors
& employers ourselves!

Having problems with recruiting?

We can help employers to set up recruitment pipelines
& engage with entry-level talent in multiple ways.

Recruitment & HR doesn’t have to be a nightmare of legal pitfalls,
VISA stipulations & endless forms full of ever-changing jargon.

Why not use our simple Payroll Service for a flat fee of £12.14 per hour?*

*Hourly rate subject to change depending on updates to government policy.

Want to collaborate?

We collaborate with employers, creative teams, current students, recent grads, & our education partners to help emerging talent to become ‘industry ready’ candidates.

Think of us like a finishing school for creatives!

Would you like to share your insights via a social media post, blog, zoom event, or interview with us?

Meet our content partners
writing • zooming • advising

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