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Would you like peace of mind that your internships are fully compliant with UK employment law? Then why not use our Internship Payroll Service for a hassle-free, fully compliant experience?

For just £11 per hour, our payroll partner PlusPay will:

  • On-board your agency and your intern to create an internship contract
  • Pay your intern the National Living Wage
  • Ensure your contract terms are fully compliant with UK employment and tax law (including the modern slavery act, IR35 and VISA stipulations)
  • Automatically calculate and apply holiday and sick pay
  • Send payslips to your intern each week
  • Send invoices to your agency each week

How it works:

PlusPay will temporarily employ your intern and supply their services to your agency. This ensures that interns and businesses are fully protected while enjoying a hassle-free, fully compliant employment contract.


For the flat rate of £11 per hour paid by your agency:

All interns will receive the National Living Wage of £8.72 per hour (based on an average 30-hour week)

PlusPay will take a margin to cover:

  • Employers liability, professional indemnity and public liability insurances PAYE and National Insurance
  • Pension contributions (where applicable)
  • Faster payment of funds
  • Employment levy
  • Management of timesheets, payslips, absence, and leave requests A fully compliant business model to facilitate working with agencies

To use the Internship Payroll Service, simply tick the box when placing an Ad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of us have to present information to our bosses, potential investors, or colleagues at some point in one’s working life.

Internships provide a range of benefits to both companies and emerging creatives.

Giving a student or graduate the opportunity to join a professional team allows them to practice their skills in a real-world environment while identifying the type of clients and employer they would like to work for in the future.

Welcoming a young professional into your business can:

  • Expand your team’s management and interpersonal skills
  • Gain a fresh perspective on regular client briefs
  • Broaden the skill-sets that your company can offer
  • Help you find your next junior/future senior employee
  • Ensure your team reflects the markets you are designing for

If a company does not pay their interns – not only are they potentially breaking UK employment law – but they are massively reducing the talent pool of candidates who can afford to apply for that position in the first place.

At Tern Heads, we believe that internships and jobs should go to the most talented and driven people who are the best fit for that company – not just those who happen to have the benefit of financial help from their wider family.

The old excuse of “Well I had to work for free so they should too” just fuels the exploitation of our young professionals and should no longer have a place in our society or our industry.

Remember the company or individual who helped you get on the career ladder? Why not pay it forward today?

There are many ways you can help via the Tern Heads platform. Here are the main six:

1) Offer feedback and advice to individual portfolio owners by clicking the message icon on their profile

2) Start or contribute to a conversation in one of our forum groups

3) Apply to uni Ad requests for professional collaborators via our opportunities page

4) Advertise an online course or webinar to students by placing an ad on our opportunities page or by contacting university profiles directly

5) Be sure to share your employment journey o your staff profile so it appears on the stories page.

6) Contact sam@ternheads.com about guest blogging or taking part in a written or video interview about a specific topic.

We do not want our members to upload projects and then abandon them. We encourage all our users to interact with each other, support each other, and constantly work on their own self-promotion and professional development in order to find their dream careers.

Tern Heads is a self-service recruitment platform, therefore you get out what you put in.

The £10 fee is just there to ensure that all student and graduate portfolios are kept up to date and to check that all members are still looking for experience or junior roles in the industry at the end of each year.

All our portfolios are owned by UK students or graduates at University level. Therefore, all candidates are young professionals who have dedicated 3+ years of their lives and £40k+ debt to make it in their chosen field.

Tern Heads encourages all members to constantly work on their own self-promotion and self-growth.

We have put a £10 per year renewal fee in place to ensure that all portfolios are kept up to date and that all junior members are still seeking junior roles or experience in the creative industries.

They are dedicated, talented and ready to help your business deliver fantastic results.

If you need to report any incidents of abuse or inappropriate content then please email info@ternheads.com.

AgeMinimum Wage:
Under 18:£4.55
18 to 20:£6.45
21 to 24:£8.20
25 and over£8.72 (National living wage)

* Source: gov.uk April 2020 hourly rates
For more information visit: https://www.gov.uk/national-minimum-wage


A person is generally classed as a ‘worker’ if:

• They have a contract or other arrangement to do work or services personally for a reward (your contract doesn’t have to be written)

• Their reward is for money or a benefit in kind, for example, the promise of a contract or future work

Employers cannot avoid paying the National Minimum Wage if it’s due by:

• Saying or stating that it does not apply

• Making a written agreement saying someone is not a worker or that they’re a volunteer

Student internships:

Students required to do an internship for less than one year as part of a UK-based further or higher education course are not entitled to the National Minimum Wage. However, in a bid to increase access and diversity, Tern Heads have pledged to only allow advertisement for internships paying at least the National Minimum Wage on our website.

Sure! All you have to do is register for a free or paid membership account and click the ‘place an ad’ button in the sidebar.

Tern Heads can provide your students with an exclusive space to showcase their work, grow their self-promotion and presentation skills and access advice from industry professionals across a broad spectrum of experience levels and sectors.

We want our content to be as relatable and engaging as possible, therefore we don’t just interview CEO’s and seniors. We seek out individuals who have just finished their first internship or are one year into their first junior role.

We know how hard it can be to engage potential employers who are not local to your University. Therefore we are embracing the digital leap bought on by COVID, and encouraging more industry professionals to widen their scope and give something back to the fresh wave of talent who study and graduate every year.

Sam is a senior graphic designer with a passion for creative problem solving and helping others.

When she’s not working or sitting at her desk like a T-Rex, she can usually be found snuggled up with her boyfriend Martin, watching episodes of Family Guy, South Park or Rick & Morty, or nerding out with her family and friends over dinner and a decent helping of white wine.

Her dream is to create a successful social enterprise within the UK design industry and open up access to creative jobs regardless of a person’s background, financial situation or locality.

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