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Our team regularly delivers presentations and workshops covering subjects such as creative careers, professional & portfolio development, transferable skills, CV crafing, personal branding, team dynamics, resilience, and more.

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  • What employers look for.
  • Creative team dynamics & the importance of interpersonal skills.
  • Understanding job roles & identifying your values.
  • Crafting a standout cover letter, portfolio & resume.
  • Develop your personal branding & online presence.
  • Interview prep & follow up tips.
  • How to develop resilience & a growth mindset.
  • Strategies for processing & learning from feedback.
  • How to separate personal identity from work.
  • Turning setbacks into opportunities for improvement.
  • How to build a support network to navigate challenging times.
  • Identifying what employers are looking for.
  • Formatting & structuring a CV tailored to the creative industry.
  • How to demonstrate your creative skills on your CV.
  • Customizing CVs for different job roles & application processes.
  • Time management techniques to balance coursework & personal projects.
  • How to build a relevant & diverse skill set.
  • The benefits of mentorship.
  • Leveraging university resources effectively.
  • How to gain practical experience & build a professional network.
  • Curating a portfolio that showcases your skills & creativity.
  • How to demonstrate your creative values.
  • Structuring your portfolio for a specific role while demonstrating versatility.
  • How to highlight your problem-solving abilities & the creative process.
  • Catching the attention of time-poor hiring managers.
  • How to identify your own interests, goals & values as a creative.
  • Identifying company cultures, values & people of influence.
  • How to craft a personalised cover letter that stands out.
  • Preparing for interviews & calming first day nerves.
  • Understanding the application process specific to creative roles, including freelance opportunities.

We are available for bookings to contribute to your online, in-person, or panel events.

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We collaborate with employers, creative teams, current students, recent grads, self-taught individuals & educators to help emerging talent become “industry-ready” candidates.

Think of us like a finishing school for creatives!

Would you like to share your industry insights with our community via a social post, blog, online event or interview?

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Paul Butler is a qualified Creative Careers Adviser and member of the Career Development Institute (CDI). Paul is an experienced Design Director & Creative Industries Lecturer with a passion for helping emerging creatives find a footing in their chosen industry.

We can look in depth at any of the following areas:
🤩  CV, Portfolio, Showreel
👨‍💻  Online Presence & Personal Branding
🤝  Networking & Interviews
📄  Cover letters, Applications & Goal Setting

Students & Grads = £45
Career Changers = £65

50 min Zoom session
Book 6 get 1 free!


Sam is the founder of Tern Heads and a full-time Senior Graphic Designer with 16+ years of experience working in the branding and packaging design industry. She has worked for numerous clients including Disney, Ferrero, Kinder Surprise, and Tyson Foods, and has 10+ years of experience interviewing & mentoring emerging creatives.

Sam is passionate about helping others to achieve their career dreams and wants to improve the transition from education into industry for both fresh talent and employers. 

Get feedback on your:

🤩  Portfolio & CV
📄  Job applications or cover letters
👨‍💻  Personal Website
💬 Social Profiles

£25  – Send your links & get an email response with personalised improvement tips.
£40  – per 45 minute video call + the recording.
£140  – 4x video call bundle: last one half price (save £20)

*Please note: Sam is not a qualified careers advisor and can only give advice based on her professional opinion. Employment success is not guaranteed. For specialist advice, please contact Paul Butler.

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