Sam Fairbrother2

Job Title: Senior Graphic Designer
Experience: 6m
Specialised In: Branding & Packaging Design
Education Level: university

My Story:

I was very shy at Uni so was really nervous when my tutor suggested we should start contacting businesses in our 2nd year to find experience. One day, an alumnus came in to do a branding and packaging workshop with our class. I was so interested in the project we were given, and really wanted to make a good impression – so I asked a lot of questions, and explained my analysis & ideas as best I could. Thankfully, I think my enthusiasm shone through. I was offered a 2-week placement off the back of that workshop that started a networking process that would lead on to my next 3 placements and ultimately, a job!

Top Tips:

Don’t be afraid to reach out to industry professionals to ask for portfolio reviews, advice about the industry, or to enquire about opportunities at their studio. Yes people are busy, and yes you may not get a reply from everyone, but ultimately there will be people who are happy to help and if you keep putting in the work, it will pay off in the end. Try not to take things personally and don’t let the passage of time get you down.

Keep going, keep creating, and keep reaching out.




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