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Marcelina ...

Marcelina Slabuszewska

About me

I’m Marcelina, a UK based designer, originally from Wroclaw, Poland. I graduated from University for the Creative Arts (UCA) with BA Diploma in Graphic Design (2021). I’m a graphic designer, artist and creative explorer. I find taking on challenges, learning and pushing boundaries, exciting and satisfying. Due to my wide interests in the design field, I have experience in both digital design practices and craft and am able to work in different disciplines. I like a clever design, with a clear reason and a creative solution. On the other hand, I like design with strong aesthetic sensibility.

Creative sectors

Art & Craft, Branding, Graphic Design

Preferred location of work

United Kingdom

Social links

Website address

My projects

Advertising, Art & Craft, Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Print Design

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