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Seeking easier access to fresh talent and education bodies to inspire, challenge and develop their business.

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Looking For...

  • The best interns and potential junior staff from multiple universities
  • A one-stop-shop for young creative talent, available all year round
  • An easier way to find young creatives who share your company values and fit in with your current team
  • An easier way to collaborate with the universities and educators without annoying middle men

How we can help your business...

What are
The Challenges...

  • Graduate shows are dwindling, making it harder to connect with students.
  • Lacking time & resources to dedicate to interns and juniors
  • Recruiters are expensive
  • Large companies get steady applicants but smaller agencies often have to advertise
  • Only have contact with the university or universities closest to your business

What are
The Solutions...

  • Free ads and no recruitment or extension fees
  • Create a company profile & answer requests for Uni collaborations on our opportunities page
  • Get your staff to share their stories, offer tips for getting started & support students in ways that suit your business capacity and resources
  • Search and save your favourite portfolios
  • Set a brief in partnership with educators
  • Use our optional Internship Payroll Service for assistance with UK tax and employment law compliance
  • Fill in your company ‘best-practice’ form to set your expectations from applicants



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